Communication methods, reliability and meetings

If people are not able to meet, they will usually communicate using conventional methods like mail, telephone, sms, emails, However these methods are not reliable or take time as digital communication like sms, emails can be easily stolen by technical intelligence agencies like NSA, NTRO falsely claiming national security.

Though digital communication methods are relatively cheap or even free, they are not very secure due to widespread diversion and theft by the technical intelligence and security agencies in different countries like NSA, NTRO in india. Unlike USA, where NSA is accountable to the elected representatives, in india, NTRO officials are brazenly involved in stealing the emails of any citizen without a court order or legally valid reason, and there is nothing that can be done .

In 2017, the diversion and theft of emails has become an extremely lucrative racket for indian government employees, as they are making a lot of money selling leads stolen from all the emails they have access to. So a business can only get leads and orders, if they have face to face communication with their customers in a meeting, especially if it is not well connected