Month: April 2024

When no one met or called the domain investor, the FAKE FRIENDSHIP to prevent meeting racket was exposed

Usually when a parent dies, the friends and relatives of the children will contact to offer condolences. Since 2010, the government agencies have targetting the domain investor, single woman engineer for RESUME ROBBERY, FINANCIAL FRAUD, SLAVERY, falsely claiming that well paid LIAR government employees who hated her, were paying all the expenses, doing all the computer work.
In april 2024, when the father of the domain investor passed away, very few people called the domain investor who has been isolated for more than 14 years, they were not government employees exposing the FAKE FRIENDSHIP FRAUD of the cunning cheater top government employees who actually hated her, yet faked friendship so that they could cheat, exploit, rob and torture her to the maximum extent possible without a legally valid reason.
It appears that in april, when questioned, the liar top government employees openly expressed their HATRED for the domain investor and that panaji goan bhandari cheater raw employee sunaina chodan, greedy gujju stock trader amita patel was their real girlfriend to whom they diverted all the correspondence,opportunities of the single woman engineer who they hated
Being extremely cunning cruel cheaters, the liar top government employees led by cheater puneet wanted to isolate the single woman engineer they HATED, to deny opportunities, destroy her life and reputation, so they FAKED FRIENDSHIP to divert all her correspondence to their lazy greedy fraud girlfriends, so that the domain investor could not meet anyone or get any kind of help.