Month: July 2018

The Image Says It All

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I started making videos for fun with my brother a couple of years ago, and he came up with the idea of turning them into an online video channel. In the videos, we like to showcase our skateboard abilities by performing various tricks in public areas and recording the reactions that people make. A company that specializes in graphic design in Bedfordshire was able to make a logo for our channel. The logo looks like silhouette of a person on a skateboard in mid air performing a trick, which we felt was the perfect way to describe our video content.

There is a fine line that we have to walk when making our videos. On one hand, we want to perform tricks that will get the best reactions and bring in more viewers. We generally like to try some outrageous tricks and will even make up ones on the fly. On the other hand, doing these types of tricks increases the risk of one of us getting injured.

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Panaji organized stalkers do not have the courage to meet the domain investor

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The latest incident of emptying containers for collecting rain water in panaji, goa, on 13 July 2018, clearly indicated that the stalkers in panaji, goa do not have the courage and honesty to meet the domain investor, face her and get their problems resolved .

The google competitor and domain investor is spending some hours in her home almost daily, and if anyone has any problem with her, they can easily contact her, meet her personally, as she is under surveillance.

However these cowardly government employees do not have the courage to meet the harmless google competitor, who they are stalking only because they are bribed by google,tata , yet continue to harass her, criminally trespassing in her home, and changing things, only to cause mental stress and remind her that she is being watched.