I’m Getting to Know My Dad in His Country

When my mom passed away, I felt alone and frightened. After going through that awhile, I decided to reach out to my father who lives in England. I wanted to get to know him, and he invited me to live there. Before I knew it, my life was full of searching for a bristol recruitment agency and figuring out how to live in a country that I had never had a chance to even visit before. I was scared after mom died, and then everything changed and my life was suddenly very different after I reached out to my dad. Things have worked out nicely.

My father wasn’t in my life when I was young. My mom was a really good person and a great mom for the most part, but she wasn’t always up front about who my other parent is and whether he wanted to be part of my life. As a child, I didn’t think about it much. When I grew older, I began to ask a lot of questions about him, but my mom was often very evasive about it. Because I didn’t know him, I didn’t spend a lot of time missing what I never had. However, before mom passed, she explained that he’s a good guy and she had not done a good job of making sure that I had my dad in my life, too.

The conversation that I had with my mom began to make me more curious about the parent I had never met, but my hands were full with taking care of mom during her last couple of years, I didn’t want to complicate things for her by seeking him out at that point. After she died and I reached out to him, I wasn’t sure if he would be very welcoming, but he was! He said that he had tried to get in touch with me for many years. We are now making up for lost time and we’re getting to know each other.