My Mom Had Tired Looking Eyes

I wanted to get my mother a really nice gift for her birthday, but I had no idea what to buy. She is so hard to shop for, so I started spending more time with her about a month before her big day. I figured I would be able to find out what she really wants that way. It worked too, which is why I ended up booking her an appointment at an aesthetic medical clinic in Singapore. She had told me that she was sick and tired of looking so tired all of the time.

I honestly didn’t think she looked bad at all, but then again, she is my mom. She has always been beautiful to me. I know that we are always our own worst critics though, so I looked at her as much as I could with unbiased eyes. I did see that her eyes were looking a bit puffier than what they normally do, and there were some very faint but still dark circles underneath her eyes too. Still, she looked really good to me for being in her 60s, but I could see how much it bothered her.

I looked online to see what I could do, which is how I found out about the clinic. When I saw that they do have a treatment for eyes that look tired or puffy, I knew that she was going to love the gift I was arranging for her. I made the appointment for the day before her birthday, and I went with her. She had no idea what it was about until she saw the pictures in the waiting room. She started her treatments just a few days later, and it did not take much time at all after the dermal fillers were injected for her to start looking better, according to her. I am just glad that she is feeling better about her looks now!