It’s All About the Marvelous Location

When my wife suggested we look into New Futura as a place where we could live, I had a few problems with the proposal. Certainly I made enough money to move out of our previous place into something much better. I didn’t thing we could afford something like New Futura. What we have here is an amazing construction project that promises to be the toast of the town. Getting in here would be the crown jewel when announcing that you’ve finally made in this city. We couldn’t hope to find a better place to live than New Futura.

It’s almost like we were fated to find this amazing place to live. Our current abode worked well for many years, but our landlord decided to sell his property to some developers and that meant we only had a year or so to find a new place to live. It’s amazing that my wife got a promotion at the bank she works at while all of this was unfolding. The higher ups and at her company decided she was wasting her time in human resources and decided to bump her up to a vice president position. That meant a big raise.

Sometimes you think if you just keep plugging away that good things will happen to you. That certainly seemed to be the case with us. We went over to take a look at the New Futura living arrangements and quickly decided that this was our future home. We liked how they incorporated environmental themes into the building and we couldn’t be happier that we might line up a place here to live. We might have to duke it out with some other people who want to live here, but we’re optimistic that we have the money to secure a place in one of the best towers in the city.