I Just Made a Weird Video

Of course I have been working in Singapore video production for a couple of years, even while in my last year at college. At any rate I did all sorts of things about local businesses, mostly how they were trying to convince another business that they could do awesome things for them if they only got a chance to show it. At any rate someone must have known someone who knew me, because I sort of got hired sight unseen to do this really baffling video for a girl band. I do not even claim to know a thing about this sort of thing, but it is my considered opinion that all of these girls were pretty terrible at singing. Someone else was going to do something about that apparently, because they took the video when I was done with it and put a different set of girls singing on it. Honestly I still did not think much of it, but the other girls were not nearly so shrill and awful.

On the other hand these girls were all pretty much drop dead gorgeous. They were dressed in cosplay type sailor moon costumes I guess. It was closer to the sort of sailor type school girl uniforms that you see in naughty videos on the web. Their choreography was not very good, but they really looked really good in spite of the amateurish nature of the production. There seemed to be a sugar daddy involved, although I am not sure whether it was the real father or the millionaire boy friend of one of these girls. That was none of my business, but the dude had a really scary bodyguard who would search me if he felt like he could do it. I did not feel like arguing with this guy to be honest.