Interested in Mobile App Development?

Did you know that there are 5 million apps plus available to download on phones/tablets? Who do you think creates these apps? They don’t make themselves. Creative applications that are developed for mobile phones are created by mobile app developer s. Are you considering a career in Mobile app development but not sure what that entails, or what the specifics of the job would be? Or you are leery of how successful one might be in that career field? The truth is a career in this field would be very successful for many reasons which we will discuss, and with the right education and interest one could do very well.

Let’s get into why this would be a good field, and successful. First let me ask you about your personal phone use. How many applications on a phone do you use in a day? Think about it. Now think about this statistic, 4375 apps are released on the Google play store a day. 1082 apps are released on the apple play store a day. That is quite a few apps, and that is just a daily calculation. Mobile apps can be developed on multiple platforms, which means they can reach many people. They do this because they are used on multiple platforms, and are successful in both.

The longevity of this as a job is another fact to consider. Think about how many people you know have an actual computer. Now think about how many people have a tablet, or a phone for that matter? The future of computing is in handheld devices. Tablets are expected to match computer sales in the future. Mobile apps are used more than standard websites. People use the internet more from their personal devices than from actual computers. Think about that. Millennial’s which are a huge chunk of people using devices and making purchases online prefer to make purchases on mobile apps. That means there are endless possibilities in the field that is continually growing.

If this sounds like a career that you may be interested in, for your future, and you want to learn more, do research of Mobile App Development. It could be a great future career path for you.