A Christmas Aerial Show is Amazing

We have hired a number of people in the past year, which meant that we had to move our Christmas party to a bigger venue. I always use the same company that provides Christmas entertainment in London, so I called up my contact there and told her what I needed. I explained that we needed a venue that would seat at least 120 more people, and she was able to get me the perfect venue for the party that all of our employees look forward to all year long.

I was really excited by this venue because she told me that we could actually have the aerial silk performers at this one. The venue we had always used was just not feasible for it, but she knew how much I had liked watching the videos of the aerialists that they have. She told me that they have worked at this venue in the past, and I could have either one in the center, or I could have two up on opposite ends of the stage. She directed me to two videos so I could see each one. It was just too hard to pick, so I actually ended up getting both of them.

They did not perform at the same time. The one in the center of the venue was first, and her eight-minute act was just amazing. I had seen a short video, but that does no justice to seeing it in person. The talent is so amazing, and the second show on the stage was just as fabulous. They each performed three sets, and we had different things there too. Everyone loved the Christmas band and dancers, and it was by far the best Christmas party ever. I cannot wait to see how we can top it this upcoming year!