Earning Extra with Horse Races

I was in need of some extra money, but I didn’t want to take a second job. A friend of mine told me that I could make some good money from betting on National Hunt racing. This sounded like a huge risk to me, because I would be putting up my money for the chance of winning more money, and if I lost, I’d have even less money than when I started. Still, with how much my friend had been winning since he started betting, I was starting to like the idea of betting. Eventually I decided to make my first bet and hoped for the best.

Since my friend had a lot of experience with betting on horses, he helped me make my first bet. He had an entire system for looking at horses and determining which ones would perform well during a particular race. It was weird to see him have such an analytical mind about horse racing, especially since I’ve never seen him do the same for anything else for as long as I’ve known him. If he applied that skill to something besides betting, he could probably be a successful statistician or mathematician.

The anticipation was high when I made my first bet. I couldn’t wait to find out how my horse did in his race. My friend was a little more laid back about betting because he had done it so many times before. Since this was my first bet, my friend told me not to put too much money on a bet, so I wouldn’t be too discouraged if I lost, but he was sure that I wouldn’t lose anyway. We both watched the horse race and my heart was pumping and my hands were sweaty. My horse won the race and I won three times the amount I bet.