Getting into the Deep End of Investing

The AIM companies have been a godsend for me. Through just a little investment, I’ve made a nice profit from them. Investing in companies isn’t something that I wanted to do at first because of crazy the market can be sometimes and I knew next to nothing about investing. In a way, it’s like learning to swim. You have to start off slow and stay in the shallow end of the water until you learn how to move and then you can venture to the deep end. Since I’ve been dealing with the market for a while, I better understand how to invest and what will make money.

I owe my friend for getting me into investing. He’s the kind of person who will invest in just about anything if he see a chance to make money from it. It was he who convinced me to give investing a shot and showed me how to get started with it. Through him showing me the ropes and telling me how to find resources that would make the investment process easier, I was able to benefit greatly. I even offered to give him some money as compensation, but he told me that it wasn’t necessary.

Since I made money from investing, my brother wants me to tell him how to make money. He’s not exactly the easiest person to work with and will often give up in the middle of something because he gets lazy. I told my brother that he might want to talk to my friend first for advice. I figured that my friend would have a better shot of helping my brother than I would. So far he’s been paying attention to what my friend has been telling him, but we’ll see how long that lasts and if he can make money.