I Found My Soulmate While Getting Ready to Move

I had been wanting to move to another country for many years, I suddenly found myself moving overseas permanently when I met a guy who is from England. I was hired on with a company in my new city rather quickly as an office assistant. I felt proud of myself, and I loved that I was trusted me to take care of many things in the office. The first thing I was in charge of was arranging an office Christmas party in Bristol for the entire staff. I worried that I might not pick the right place, but I found the perfect venue that suited the culture in our office well. Everyone was happy with my choice. I knew then that everything would be okay and I could handle anything they asked me to do.

I just got lucky when it came to falling in love with someone from Europe. I had been planning to move there on my own. I had been thinking of England because I already speak English. There were other countries I was interested in, but I knew that not being bilingual would cause a problem. So, I began saving my money, scouting out different cities and figuring out what I could do for work after moving. I began telling everyone about my plans, and then that is when friends started putting me in touch with people who are from there that I could talk to.

One of my coworkers introduced me to my future husband. She told me that her husband’s best friend is British and that we should meet so that I could learn about different things I might need to know about the moving process. We hit it off during our first meeting, and then he asked me out. The next thing I knew, we were engaged. He said that he never dreamed that he would meet someone like me who was so eager to move to his country. We both think it was fate.


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